This page contains suggestions and strategies for assessment, including:

- September 'Strong Connections'

- 'Initial Assessment' for newcomers

- on-going assessment, formative and summative.

Materials for assessing &/or working with new language learners are also included below.

MB Report Card Guidelines for EAL

We can use our 'Language Development Reports' as an insert.

Suggestions for authentic assessment :

The following Initial Assessment Guide includes the continuum for Early Years.
For Middle and Senior years, please, refer to those respective continuum charts for 'Global Assessment Indicators' (below).

Check for proficiency in home language

Initial Assessment - Ontario

Suggestions for on-going assessment of what language learners have learned in content areas.

Strategies for tiering prompts and tasks for non-English to proficient English speakers.

How to solicit responses when students cannot respond in English.

Characteristics for EY, MY, SY; EAL Stages from the MB EAL Curriculum Framework document

Global Assessment Indicators; EAL Stages from the MB EAL Curriculum Framework document

Initial Assessment and 'survival language' materials

The Oxford Picture Dictionaries are very useful for talking about beginning language vocabulary items within real contexts. (see 'Resources' page)