This page provides additional practical information for classroom teachers, counsellors and EAL/Resource teachers in grades 9 - 12. Also see 'Classroom Teacher Supports, K-12'.

E Credits: Information and signatures for students and parents (Customize for your school)

The MB EAL Curriculum Framework document uses 'Stages' to indicate students' level of proficiency in English for the purpose of guiding teachers toward appropriate instructional practices, assessment and expectations.

Towards Inclusion; MB Education

Placement of students arriving in senior years in HSD

Evaluating out-of-province course credits

Out of province and language credit Q & A with T. Tavares

Finding credits; suggestions

There is NO easy/simple answer to 'finding credits' because our goal is for students to have credits that mean something. When students graduate, it should mean that they are ready to go on to further studies or employment with confidence or they need to continue in language and academic studies in the adult system.
Find out what students' academic conceptual base is. Have them read, write and have a conversation in their first language about something that is outside of their personal experience; a topic that is academic in nature. A translator may or may not be necessary for you to get a feel from students' reading and writing for their depth of understanding in academic concepts. A conversation with a translator would provide further assessment opportunities for you to find out what they know and have experienced in academic contexts.

First language reading and topics:

Math: see FAST Math, download PDF Volumes 1, 2, 3 on the Resources page of this wiki

Focus for instruction in academic content lessons.

Strategies for differentiating instruction.

Students are encouraged to take the opportunity to acquire credits for languages other than English.

Students can graduate with E-courses.

Grade 12 ELA Exam Q and A

Administrative Manuels for Grade 12 Standards Tests

Use of bilingual dictionaries

"The use of bilingual dictionaries is permitted on the ELA Standards Test. It is not necessary to request this as an adaptation.
The test is to count for 30% of the student’s mark.
It is likely advisable to ask for an adaptation for additional time ( 103) and possibly supervised breaks ( 104) and an alternative setting for the extended time ( 105) for the student because his use of the dictionary may slow him down. He can have up to double the time to write as long as he is supervised.
Students who are EAL also have the alternative of taking the 400 EAL credit, and possibly writing an English competency test for the university."

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Applied Math

Assessment for Canadian Language Benchmarks

Red River College and others may require a CLB assessment. The Canadian Language Benchmark assessment is done by trained assessment administrators at the Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre (WELARC). There is NO cost for taking the test.
Contact and location information:

Language and academic supports beyond the high school years

Promising Pathways document from MB Education