This page provides web sites for anyone working with language learners. It is organized under the following headings:

- 'Teacher Information Sites'

- 'Teaching Ideas & Materials'

- 'Student Interactive Sites'.


Translation Sites

Translation Site; enter your message for translation

Multi-lingual information sites

Common phrases to learn, interactive games

Math glossary;
translation of many math terms, includes 26 languages, although no German. Based on U.K. curriculum, but many terms will be the same.

Math Terms;
McGraw Hill Glossary gives simple English explanations with diagrams, and formulas translated into several languages.

Water cycle illustration and labels

Multi-lingual picture dictionary with flashcards

Early Childhood info for parents

Manitoba Education

MB EAL site

MB EAL Curriculum Framework Document


FAQ: Answers to many questions with additional links

Factors that influence language learning

A wealth of practical information and strategies for classroom teachers (Ontario)

Differentiated / Layered Lesson plans for diverse learners; K - 12. How to provide content lessons and tasks for ALL your students.

Visual dictionary - type in a word and get images related to it, definitions and some example sentences to show use in context.
Allow student use under careful supervision only!

Info for Classroom teachers

Free tool to help classroom teachers create quality rubrics in ALL areas of instruction

Free tool to help teachers create classroom materials

Distributor of German books, Winnipeg

Country/Cultural descriptions

Iceburg of Culture chart

Culture Quiz; Judie Haynes

'Welcome here' poster in many languages

How to say, 'Hello' in different languages

Flags of the World

Job Descriptions and Skill requirements

Strategies for teaching reading in the middle years

Teaching That Makes Sense


Clip art collection for beginning language learners and their teachers

Free printables for teachers of young learners

Free flashcards, worksheets, games, etc.

Bingo card maker

CLIP ART and PHOTOS for teachers and for STUDENTS' PROJECTS

Oxford Science pictures for teachers and students' projects

Photos of Canadian Prairies; great pictures to use in Photo-Story or PowerPoint projects

Animal Facts and photos on single page sheets

ELA and Readings

Books written by students in dual languages.

Simplified curriculum content

Plays for readers theatre

Aesops Fables

Stories from around the world

Wpg public library link to online books.

Cross-curricular materials

Reading A - Z; Leveled reading materials

Enchanted Learning; Thematic materials

ABC Teach; themes, puzzle generators, etc.

Crossword puzzle generator

Actors reading picture books. Text on screen.


Reading for primary and elementary learners

Clifford Stories and games for primary students.

Books, games and math

Reading games

Learn English by Doing It—a website based on Total Physical Response (TPR)—especially for Middle and Senior Stage 2 listening. Very good site.
English Listening Language Lab (ELLO). Free online listening exercises, for teachers and students to use. Most English listening activities include images, an interactive quiz, transcripts and downloadable MP3. Varied contemporary themes—you would need to select topics for younger students.
Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. Free online listening activities, suitable in interest for high school students—some great pre-listening, activation activities and post-listening extensions to the usual “listen to the conversation and answer comprehension questions” Different levels.
Excellent local CBC website, Learning English with CBC: . Emphasis on Canadian history, geography, and culture—useful for new Canadian students.

Awesome Stories has a large number of fiction and non-fiction texts based on history, literature, popular movies, sports, biographies, disasters, inspirational writings, etc. available to read online and some to read and listen to (check “Narrations”). The “stories”, suitable for late Stage 3-5 readers, are connected by links to pictures, paintings, other primary source documents, so that students have scaffolded experiences with accessing authentic texts. The site says you have to subscribe to it, but currently this is not necessary.

For younger students, or for older students who like good children’s literature (I know that some older kids can feel a little insulted if offered children’s books!), Storyline Online streaming video of famous actors reading children’s books. Closed captions can be turned on or off. Delightful for exposing students to a variety of voices.

Free online “Text to Speech” tools: YAKiTtoMe or iSpeech These tools allow you to paste in any text and convert it to speech.

The EnglishClub a series of dictations at various levels of difficulty. I like the way they are set up.

Resources for students and teachers of English (EAL, EFL). Interactive exercises, vocabulary quizzes, World News

To Learn English - free resources for learners and teachers of English

Vocabulary, games, tests, exercises

Games, puzzles, quizzes, etc.

Vocabulary exercises for beginning language learners in middle and senior years.

Grammar exercises

Thematic vocabulary for beginning language learners of all ages

Picture Dictionary - student use with careful supervision only!

Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students at many, many resources for self-study and practice. Most of them are suitable for the school-aged audience. Includes good listening links, including Read and Listen stories.

Hangman games

Reading Signs in English